Frieze Masters Talks 2015

Ellen Gallagher in conversation with Wim Pijbes

Wednesday 14 October | 12pm

Gods and Monsters: Contemporary art in Historical Museums

Wednesday 14 October | 3pm

What place does contemporary art have in historical museums?

Michaël Borremans in conversation with Dr. Minna Moore Ede

Thursday 15 October | 12pm

Conversations across History: On Collecting and Presenting

Thursday 15 October | 3pm

How do the juxtapositions of objects, created at different moments in history, alter the meaning or our reading of those objects?

Spotlight panel: Collecting African American avant-garde

Friday 16 October 2015 | 12pm

Organised in conjunction with Spotlight, the panel will explore the historical significance of African American artists from the 1960s and ’70s employing a decidedly abstract aesthetic.

Abraham Cruzvillegas in conversation with James Peto

Friday 16 October | 3pm

Creative Criticism: The intersections of critical writing and fiction

Saturday 17 October | 12pm

What is the role of the imagination in the work of the critic?

Lawrence Weiner in conversation with Frederick Ilchman

Sunday 18 October | 12pm

Collections panel: From Maiolica to Netsuke

Sunday 18 October | 3pm

This panel will discuss the historical and global trade of art and objects.

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Frieze Masters includes a programme of talks in which major artists, critics and curators discuss the relationships between contemporary and historical art. Frieze Masters Talks is programmed by Jennifer Higgie (co-editor, frieze & editor, Frieze Masters magazine) and Jasper Sharp, (Adjunct Curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna). Frieze Masters Talks are supported by Gucci, Associate Sponsor of the fair and sponsor of the Talks this year.

Frieze Masters Talks is hosted in a bespoke auditorium at the fair. Access to the talks is included in the Frieze Masters admission ticket. Seats for each day’s talks can be booked from 11am on the day at the auditorium. Podcasts of all talks can be downloaded from the following day.